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How I Developed My Writing Skills - True Story

Most people probably assume that writing is a natural gift that you either have or you don’t. As a writer, I agree with this assumption somewhat, but becoming a great writer who can put your ideas into words in many different forms such as articles, blogs, copywriting, creative writing, and even instructional technical writing, with many different tones and styles, takes years of work, practice, determination, and good guidance and instruction.

Though I am not a famous writer, my work can be found all over the world in print and on the internet, and I consider it to be my humble contribution to the world outside of my family. Here is my story of how I developed my writing skills, and the experiences that brought me to where I am now. I hope that it will help some aspiring writer out there somewhere.

I started out like most kids, learning to read and write in primary school, but I didn’t really like writing, because I was forced to write on subjects that I did not choose. Besides that, I absolutely hated doing grammar worksheets and writing research reports about dead presidents.

I am afraid that my talent for writing would have been completely crushed by school, if it hadn’t been for my 7th grade teacher, Mr. Heath. Mr. Heath was the first teacher I ever had that had a passion for the written word. He made writing fun and exciting, and the possibilities opened up before me.

He encouraged us to write for an essay contest on the topic, “The War on Drugs.” Having just read an article about this subject in the Reader’s Digest, I had all the information I needed, and I wrote a two page essay right there in class and turned it in. The next day I was notified that I had won the contest for my grade-level and was invited to read it at the local radio station.

In high school, I entered an essay contest called “A Letter To The President,” in which I wrote a letter as a person from the future, asking the current President to do something about pollution. I was chosen as the first place winner in my school and was given a one-week, all expenses paid trip to London.

Even with these accomplishments, I still didn’t love writing, and I certainly didn’t consider it a viable career choice—until I went to college. In college, I majored in Psychology and Creative Writing, just because I thought it would be fun and it didn’t require math.

In those classes, all of my grade-school lessons really started to click, and for the first time, I really understood what it took to write both correctly and creatively. I started understanding how to think and really put my ideas down more clearly on paper, and I started reading good literature and understanding what it meant to be a good writer.

My junior year, I entered a creative writing contest for a scholarship and was awarded £1600 for 10 short poems. It was then that I realized that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. And for the past 13 years now, I have done my favourite two things, reading and writing everyday for my income.

In conclusion, the factors that most helped develop my writing skills are my passion for reading, examining the writing of others and learning from the input of more experienced writers, while practicing and taking on more challenges every day.

The encouragement from people around me, as well as incentives played an important part in igniting my passion for writing, while my determination led me to learn to write correctly.

That was my story, now check out how these skills helped me in writing product descriptions.

Do you have a similar story or anything that helped you in your writing career that you want to share? Please leave a comment.

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Develop Writing Skills

How I Developed My Writing Skills - True Story Most people probably assume that writing is a natural gift that you either...

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