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Product Page Quality and Length

Product Description and a Measuring Tape

Length of a Product Page – How Much Should You Write

Today, many commercial websites are filled with long articles, videos and pictures - making the product page and sometimes the homepage look like a newspaper or Wikipedia! They do so in the hope to target as many keywords as possible.

There are reasons for adding text and for not adding text to your e-commerce pages. My point is, since GCSE your language teacher told you to avoid cluttering. Well, write your content as you were told and avoid keyword stuffing. That’s right.

Product Page Writing Quality - Human Vs. Search Engines

Is content king? You probably came across this phrase many times. Writing high quality and convincing product descriptions will convey professionalism and branding to potential buyers, and will encourage other websites to link to your pages.

Content quality is part of Google’s algorithm, and search engines are bright enough to recognise many of the product’s attributes such as:

  • counting number of likes in social networks
  • recognising the product author
  • sensing the quality of reviews and recognising some of their authors
  • sensing a product image
  • detecting grammar and spelling mistakes
  • detecting keyword density, and more!

Without underestimating the innovative, powerful and fair mechanism of Google and major search engines to bring valuable content to the reader, my personal view is that search engines are not and will never be clever enough to identify fully the quality and the characteristics of a product’s description but they rely mainly on the contribution of people and the social media to recognise only parts of the features of a description!

Does the search engine know if my page description delivers the information promised in the title? Contact me in person and I will show you some rubbish pages ranking high. I can also show you websites with white text on white background dominating their niche!

So, write for people - and the search engines should value your writing.

The Ideal Product Page - How Much Should You Write

Surprisingly, many blog writers and SEO specialists claim that the length of any piece you write should be 400 to 700 words long, some say even 1000 words, and some say more than that! Well, maybe you needed to do so in the past, but let me tell you, my friend, those days are gone I’m afraid. Don’t worry because there is good news. Let me illustrate it.

Content Length and Relevance
Search engines will love your writing style if each sentence is written to the point where it delivers value, and the whole piece ends just where it has nailed the subject [product description!]. This ensures relevance which is an important element of ranking a page. So far, this is similar to writing content for people that adds value to the reader and covers the subject in a professional way, without any cluttering.

Long Text versus Short Text
Analytics and webmaster tools, internal linking and product reviews are outside the scope of this post! Because the content you post can materialise new keywords, writing a long piece of text may:

  1. increase keyword impressions and initiate more unexpected clicks
  2. increase opportunity for getting clicks in future
  3. draw attention to potential keywords you never knew about which can be targeted separately

So, the more you write the more long-tail keywords you expose.

Long Text and the Competition - Outranking a Product Page

However, writing long text will not help targeted keywords to rank higher! On the contrary, your keywords can easily be outranked by a wise competitor who utilizes the meta description and title tag with a focused writing on a separate page - assuming link building and other elements are equal.

Please note a separate page doesn’t mean an additional product description page; it can be a tutorial illustrating how to use the product, blog post, news or FAQs about the product. By doing so you are also improving the authority of your e-commerce site.

We enjoy writing ecommerce product descriptions, optimise and promote them in order to drive traffic to your website and keep your visitors on your page longer. Get in touch!

Write wisely with a goal in mind. State the benefits of your product and what you believe the buyer wants to know - while being concise, clear and focused.

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