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Import Users to Drupal & Ubercart

You can manually migrate a 10 or 20 page website. The difficulty arises when you want to transfer numerous products and users into Drupal and Ubercart which involves data mapping. Developers have used different methods for the process of converting a website to Drupal from other systems like OsCommerce and CreLoaded.

We will create two CSV files populated with the user data. One file for the users table (Drupal) and the second file for the uc_addresses table (Ubercart).

I will share with you a PHP script which imports the user data ...

Convert Website to Drupal Ubercart

Convert website to Drupal

This week we have undergone another task involving conversion of an established ecommerce website from Creloaded (Oscommerce) to Drupal 7.12 with Ubercart 3.0. I'm taking this opportunity to introduce you to the three systems and very briefly share with you the migration process, the detailed conversion steps will be put in a separate article in future.

Update: As promised, the PHP script for migrating the users to Drupal and Ubercart can be found on this page.

Drupal is known to be one of the best content management systems (CMS), and when combined with Ubercart, an advanced e-commerce solution, this shopping cart utilizes Drupal's powerful features to deliver a reliable, secure and comprehensive CMS with an advanced e-commerce solution. You can find out why we choose this software and read more about Drupal.

Creloaded, on the other hand, is an advanced shopping cart based on Oscommerce and it was very popular in the past. However its outdated content manager is very basic and rigid. That is why the client decided to convert the website to Drupal.

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