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Why Do I Have Broken Links on My New Drupal Website

In apache configuration file (httpd.conf), make sure the default for DirectoryIndex includes index.php. In Centos/Red Hat edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf. In Ubuntu or Debian... Visit the answer page

How to Learn Web Design

Few years ago I wanted to learn web design so that I build a website for myself. It was a static website: HTML and CSS, these two are a must learn. My learning source was the... Visit the answer page

How to Install Drupal

I added this guide for installing Drupal 7, because most guides are focused around installation on *nix machines. My steps for Windows-based computers are easy to follow, and... Visit the answer page

How to Use FileZilla FTP

This is part of a series of DIY tutorials for beginners on how to create and manage dynamic websites.

Before you watch the video, just to let you know FTP stands for... Visit the answer page

Why Am I Receiving Suspicious File Alert‏ After Drupal Update?

After module update, are you receiving email alerts from the server with the subject:
lfd on server.servername.com: Suspicious File Alert‏
And... Visit the answer page

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