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Why Am I Receiving Suspicious File Alert‏ After Drupal Update?

After module update, are you receiving email alerts from the server with the subject:
lfd on server.servername.com: Suspicious File Alert‏
And example email content:
Time: Fri Feb 22 09:10:41 2013 +0000
File: /tmp/update-extraction-7daa8f90/recaptcha/recaptcha-php-1.11/example-mailhide.php
Reason: Script, file extension
Owner: name:name(510:508)
Action: No action taken

The solution is to remove the file/s causing the alert.

Login to your whm with SSH, I use putty. Go to the tmp directory by typing this command:

cd /tmp

View the list of files and directories in the tmp directory by typing this command:

ls -la

It is safe to delete any directory and its content that looks like this:

The command looks like this:

rm -r -f YourDirectory update-cache--xxxxxxxx
rm -r -f YourDirectory update-extraction--xxxxxxxx

It deletes the directory and its content without asking for confirmation. This will solve the problem and there is no more alerts.

To stop this from happening in future, someone suggested changing the default tmp directory in the file system to druptmp. I'm not sure if it will work. Using FTP create an outside directory and name it druptmp. Go to File System under Configuration -> Media and replace /tmp with ../druptmp.

While it is not recommended, some webmasters set cron to remove old files from the tmp directory more frequently. It is not recommended because system files can get deleted as well. The recommended solution is to activate tmpwatch to monitor the tmp directory, and avoid cron and mass file deletion.

Drupal alert after update, Drupal suspicious file alert
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