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How to Use FileZilla FTP

This is part of a series of DIY tutorials for beginners on how to create and manage dynamic websites.

Before you watch the video, just to let you know FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP Client is a software that enables you to transfer files to and from your hosting space, and to edit them with your favourite application. These are usually HTML, PHP and other files the make your website work.

FileZilla Client which is developed by https://filezilla-project.org/ is my favourite FTP; it is user-friendly, has many features and it is free. All you need to do is add three pieces of information: Your domain name or IP address, username and password. These details should have been given to you by your host. There are many tutorials on the net explaining how to use FileZilla, the video below tells you where to download FileZilla and explains how to use it.

FTP Tutorial (How to Use FileZilla)

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