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This page showcases the business and ecommerce websites we have built or maintained for our valued clients. Please ask us to list your website if we built it for you in the past and it is not displayed on this page.

Ecommerce website sample for a UK company

We are proud to showcase this 'ecommerce website for a small business' on our company portfolio. We worked with the client, a family run business in the UK, to identify the 'website concept' and shop categories that best match the business goals and the potential market.
The development work involved heavy product and user migration. The new website offers advanced ecommerce and product promotion features, and has a mobile responsive theme.

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Website Sample for a UK Company

The website was built and optimised for a 'UK company' operating in the security industry. The website features HTML5 and CSS3 support and has a clever cache system for fast loading. It comes with a content management system and was developed with minimum dependency on non-core modules. It has several features including on-page quote request, application and subscription forms, with a newsletter section that allows embedding of all media types and HTML emails in order to promote the business services.

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Event booking web design sample

This event booking website is funded by a local council in London and it's an addtion to our online portfolio. The website has several features such as a booking system for monthly events and activities of a community. It incorporates PHPList for managing its monthly newsletters and broadcasting meeting announcements. It has a forum and a polling feature.

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Books website metrobbokstore

Books website built on Drupal and Ubercart, the website has excellent e-commerce features for presenting the products, such as the best selling, featured and discounted products.

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Distributor Company Website Blansya

Web design with simplicity and accessibility powered by our small business web design pack, with features such as user registration, subscription and a news manager.

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Training company website sample

Another addition to our web design portfolio, this 'training company website' was developed for a small UK business. It features a booking system to enable client registration along with features and tools to promote their business. The website was accomplished with a content manager and a Danland theme adapted to suit the company’s brand. The website has hidden interfaces for both trainers and course providers.

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Ecommerce website sample

An example of B2B ecommerce web design project for online shop, this website was developed for a small family business in the UK. Our web development work is evident here, it was built from scratch to support the display and maximise the marketing of its products. It showcases and promotes the products in several ways giving more exposure to its services.

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