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E-commerce Website for a UK Company

Ecommerce website sample for a UK company

We are proud to develop and maintain a Drupal website for Pioneer Service. The initial project involved migration of user details, products, and other data into Drupal using an in-house script. It was a major conversion of products and categories into a modern e-commerce system driven by Drupal which provides a versatile platform for integrating e-commerce and other software.

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The website now offers its UK-based company and its clients a more secure website with advanced customized e-commerce features and mobile browser support. It was themed from scratch using the popular 960-grid but with 4-level browser support for bigger screens. Ubercart was given the exact look as the Commerce Cart (client's choice).

Website Optimisation

The website is hosted on a virtual server with MySQL and Apache fine-tuned, utilizing FastCGI and the Memcached extension for fast performance and stability.

Like all our e-commerce solutions, this website has advanced reporting of sales, profit & loss calculation, statistics, page hits, referring pages and more. It incorporates e-commerce analytics, click heat-maps as well as automatic SEO suggestions, and it is linked to Google Adwords.

All the sections, products and their categories have been optimised for search engines and adapted to respond to iPad, mobile and iPhone browsers.

Website Features

The website utilizes the Views and Taxonomy modules to give site visitors wider product choices and to cover different customer needs; thus offering different ways of selling. It also offers different payment methods including Paypal Pro and Google Checkout, also cheques & postal orders for UK customers.

The Rules module enhances the website’s ability to encourage buying by keeping in touch with existing and potential customers. Abandoned carts are monitored and responded to automatically. Follow-up emails are sent automatically few days after the order processing. Requests for reviews are sent on a later date and followed by a thank you email when a customer leaves a review. Newsletters are delivered by the website, pre-scheduled and set to go out over a specified number of days.

The website incorporates other custom rules and conditions to automatically respond to different events. It also replaces the core Cron module with custom crons that run individually on different times of the day to avoid any sudden overload.

Other features include discounted, latest and featured products sections, partner linking pages, downloads section (both public and private), gallery and a guestbook.

Ecommerce Product Page

Website Maintenance

A few of the auto-maintenance features implemented on this website are:

  • Automatic backup (both database and files)
  • Automatic update
  • Document authoring
  • Workflows and customer follow-up

Website Security

The cart, checkout pages, admin and user sections have been secured with three bullet-proof systems and an SSL certificate. We believe these features are necessary for any online shop, and we are confident that Drupal is a secure CMS.

Check out our ecommerce package which offers plenty of features for commercial websites, and contact us for a fast competitive web development quote.

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