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Web Design for a UK Company

Website Sample for a UK Company

Hobsite developed the website for a company in East London (Arete Securex) which has one of the largest security workforces in London and is renowned for offering high quality security and training services to clients all over the UK. The website also incorporates a service management software developed by the business owner.

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They approached us with the aim of integrating their software system on a newly rebuilt website that enables exchange of electronic documents including timesheets & handbooks. The website allows the management team with specific role to share data and track certain issues, and it also facilitates local SMS communication with their on-site personnel in London and surrounding areas.

Some of the website's features include:

  • static caching system configured on a dedicated UK server for speed and performance.
  • exchange of documents - different versions and releases.
  • on-page quotation, job application forms and course subscription forms.
  • newsletter section with HTML5 image and media embedding including YouTube and own video.
  • subscription management and user synchronisation.
  • content authoring with assigned work-flow and permissions.
  • testimonials with prior approval and customer feedback system.
  • two-way email notification on every form submission type.
  • tracking features including referrer, top pages, statistics, google analytics and more.
  • responsive template, HTML5, CSS3 with phone browser support.
  • UK SMS integration.

The new website sits on its own UK IP address and was developed with minimum dependency on non-core modules for performance and simplicity, and its admin toolbar and shortcuts were adjusted to make the administration area more intuitive and user friendly. Different roles are assigned specific permissions making sure they will not touch the website’s nuts and bolts while focusing on promoting their business services and activities, these features and more are offered through a flexible dynamic content management system to ultimately give our client a powerful small business website that works well and supports the business.

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