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Small Business Web Design Package

The Ultimate Web Design Package Available! Comprehensive Small Business Web Development Pack, 'Website + SEO + Social Media Marketing + Help With Writing Optimised Content', For Starters And Existing Small Businesses.

Beside a modern and stylish website with a content management system (CMS), this pack gives you a specialized and genuine SEO service for promoting your services to bring you quick traffic, which is necessary for start-up businesses.

Our web development experts will set up your Google Business Social Media accounts, integrate them with your new website, and optimise 3 keywords for Google. They will help you with writing your content, and will design and optimise 7 pages with graphics or video. The included CMS allows you to add further pages, images and any content type with ease.

  • Small business up to 7 page design with optimised content and graphics or video.
  • Advanced CMS with admin interface allows you to add more content and update your website.
  • Integration of Twitter, Facebook and Google + for businesses, all accounts will be created for you and styled to match the website.
  • Optimisation of 3 keywords for Google tailored to your business area.
  • Integration of Google Webmaster and Analytics account, both accounts will be created for you.
  • Contact form, testimonials, reporting, analytics and more.
  • Domain name (.co.uk) and one year hosting.
  • XML Sitemap, will be created and submitted to Google and Bing.
  • Selected directory submission, UK or USA only.
  • Logo design.
  • 45 day email support, included.
  • 60 day money back guarantee!
RRP £1,900
You pay only £1398 inclusive.

No hidden charges.
Offer includes 60 day money back guarantee!

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How Can This Package Help Your Website

First, this package is priced much lower than similar web design packages offered by our competitors because Your Business Website Will Benefit From Advanced SEO Service, Content Writing & Optimisation, and Social Media Business Accounts! Second, don’t be surprised when we tell you millions of good looking websites no one finds them on the Internet, some even date back to over 10 years, because they are not optimised - probably paid a fortune for their business web design at that time.

If you already have a 'small business website' and want to brush it up and bring it to life you can also benefit from this pack.

If you'd like to find out more about this package and whether it fits your website's needs, why not talk to us about your online project. Call us now on +44 7931732696. Alternatively click the Get a Quote button below or complete the form on the bottom of this page.

N.B. If you have slightly different needs, this package can be tailored to you by adding or subtracting certain features. We will talk to you to find out what's best for your website, and we will not charge a penny more.

Your website will be completed in 2 weeks. Social media business accounts and further optimisation will be completed in week 3 and 4. An audit and SEO adjustments will be performed in week 8.

Please note our SEO practice is based on the guidelines set by Google, and our tactics rely mainly on optimising your website for a better user experience and optimising its content for maximum exposure on search engine pages. It can take up to 7 months for your new website to see optimum SEO results. However, we cannot promise to get your keywords on Google's first page.

This web design package is exclusive to Hobsite and is on offer for a limited period to support small businesses. Take action now! Grab this package and start targeting the social networking and organic traffics.

If you have different requirements, please tell us about your website needs by completing the form below.

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